Women's Commission

Delaware County Women’s Commission Statement:

The Commission’s purpose is to evaluate the concerns and needs of women and girls residing in Delaware County and making recommendations to the County Council as to how to meet those concerns and needs.  The members of the Commission will serve together as the decision making body with respect to actions needed to fulfill its mandate.  The Commissioners are responsible for setting policies that guide the operation of its task forces, committees, and coalitions.  The Commission will work toward the advancement of Delaware County women and girls.

Goals of the Delaware County Women’s Commission:

The Commission will advise and counsel the County Council on issues of public policy and their impact on women; on ways to protect and promote the equal rights of women in Delaware County; on the elimination of gender based discrimination which may exist in the County government; on methods to ensure equal consideration for employment and policy-making opportunities within the government of Delaware County; and the need for policies and programs in County agencies and departments to improve the status of women.

History of the Delaware County Women’s Commission

  • In 1984, Delaware County Council resolves to create a task force to study the situation of women and girls in the County and develop recommendations to address issues of concern.
  • In 1985, the County Council established the Delaware County Women’s Commission to serve as advocates for the women of Delaware County.
  • In 1986, County Council took the Commission’s suggestion to officially recognize Women’s History Month in March of each year.
  • In 1987, The Commission crafted report on child support enforcement in the County, which implemented wide-ranging change that made Delaware County a model for support enforcement.
  • DCWC initiated a study of adolescent pregnancy in 1989.
  • In 1992, the Adolescent Pregnancy Task Force Report proved to be of interest to the broad community and served as a valuable resource to service providers.
  • The DCWC commemorated their 10 year anniversary and published a Historical Review covering the major accomplishments.
  • DCWC published A Guide to Understanding Women’s Health Issues in 1996.
  • The 1998 Violence against Women Report led to significant changes in data collection and classification of domestic violence cases.
  • The DCWC publishes a Women’s Resource Guide every year which lists dozens of organizations within the community offering assistance to women in need.
  • DCWC hosts a Wellness Fair in the County Government Center every year which connects health providers with hundreds of county residents to address and improve their health concerns.
  • DCWC works with the County Office on Veterans’ Affairs, local elected officials and local non-profit organizations to address the welfare of our female veterans.