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Joseph Tonelli
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Tax Claim

The County collects current year real estate taxes at the Self Tax Collection Office on the ground floor of the Government Center Building. Taxes can be paid over the counter, via mail, or electronically via E-Zpay.

TD Bank and Wells Fargo Bank (formerly Wachovia) will also accept tax payments. Treasurer's Office hours are from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday.

Tax certification claiming that taxes are Paid/Unpaid (County only) for the current year plus a three-year look back is available from this office. There is a service fee of $25.00. Send request with a self addressed, stamped envelop, check and property identification to the address above.

Taxes are for the current calendar year. Tax bills are mailed February 1st.

Taxes are payable:

  • at a 2% discount for 60 days after mailing; February, March, April 1st.
  • at full amount for the next 60 days; April, May, June 1st.
  • at a 10% penalty until year-end; December 31st.

Unpaid tax bills at year-end are turned over to the county's Tax Claim Bureau for collection starting March 1st.Tax Claim is also the authorized agent for collecting delinquent Municipal and School District taxes.

The formula for taxes due at full amount is: $ of Assessment (times) the County millage rate.

Communicating with the County on Paid/Unpaid taxes is expedited by identifying the 11-diget property parcel number included in all billing and correspondence.
Example: *34-00-05432-01 aka / folio number; aka / property identification number
in this example:

*34 represents the Township/Borough, i.e. Nether Providence
00 subdivision of the larger municipalities
05432 local property ID
01 a subdivision

Of the 200,000 billable properties, 35 % of county taxes are paid via mortgage companies / banks. 65 % via direct mail-in by property owners.

Delinquent tax information can be obtained at Public Access.

The Tax Claim Bureau phone number is (610) 891-4285.

Tax Claim


You must present adequate documentation to the taxing authority (Municipality, School District, County) if you claim that your property taxes were paid. Documentation usually requires photocopies of both sides of your check(s) or an original official receipted tax bill. Situations vary. Only a Municipality or School District via an exoneration letter to the Tax Claim Bureau can strike the tax lien on a property. County taxes are handled directly through the Tax Claim Bureau.