Fourteen-term State Rep. William Adolph

recognized by Delaware County Council

Council salutes Rep. Bill Adolph

Council salutes Rep. Bill Adolph

State Rep. William Adolph received a resolution from Delaware County Council recognizing his years as a legislator, commissioner and public servant, prior to his retirement this month. Rep. Adolph is shown with Council Chairman Mario J. Civera Jr. and, back row, Council members Mike Culp, Vice Chair Colleen Morrone, John McBlain and Dave White.

Having served in the legislature for many years, County Council Chairman Mario J. Civera Jr. had many stories to share about the accomplishments of retiring State Rep. William Adolph.

Delaware County Council presented Rep. Adolph with a resolution in recognition of his career as a public servant that started in the 1980s in Springfield Township.

“In today’s society, people are quick to complain about government, but very reluctant to get involved,” Civera said. “One man who stands out as a leading example of civic involvement, and getting involved to improve your community, is William F. Adolph.”

In the early 1980s, Adolph was coaching football for the Springfield Youth Club and he went to the township to complain about the field conditions at the park.

Next thing you know, in 1983, he’s a township commissioner. And in 1988, he was elected to represent the 165th Legislative District in Harrisburg.

After 14 remarkable terms in state government, Representative Adolph is retiring and returning to this Springfield, Delaware County roots.

Civera recounted many areas where Adolph’s leadership was key in passing a budget or crafting legislation that benefits Delaware County residents. He also recounted a harrowing ride from Delaware County to Harrisburg when Adolph took the wheel from a tired Civera

“We would be here all morning if I were to list all of Bill’s accomplishments. At a time when people are often disillusioned with elected leaders, Bill restores their faith with his commitment, integrity and passion. His door was always open. He believed foremost in helping his constituents,” Civera said.

In 2010, Adolph was elected as Majority Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, a position he has held for three terms. In this capacity, he has been the primary budget negotiator for the House Republic Caucus. Having witnessed budget negotiations over the decades, we know this is a tough position.

During his tenure, Adolph helped a lot of people, both as a legislator and an accountant with his own business on Saxer Avenue. He’s advocated for many people, from those with disabilities to senior citizens and small business owners.

In 1996, his Taxpayers’ Bill of Rights was passed, ensuring fair administration of state tax laws.

He authored the Guaranteed Energy Savings Act, or GESA, which the county utilized to undertake energy-saving initiatives.

He served as chairman of the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency, rectifying some issues at that agency to ensure the funds went to help students attain higher education. He compared that role as “taking over the Titanic,” but he righted the ship.

“Over the years, he’s received countless awards and honors, all well-deserved,” Civera said. “Today, County Council wants to add its own accolades, with gratitude for everything Bill has down for Delaware County, and to wish him and his family well. Who knows, we might see him back on that football field in Springfield.”