Delaware County

Strategic National Stockpile

(SNS) Implementation Plan


What is the purpose of the SNS plan?

The purpose is to provide medication for treatment and/or prevention to the 550,000 residents of the county within 48 hours should it be needed in response to a pandemic or other large scale event.

What is a Strategic National Stockpile?

The Strategic National Stockpile is a federal emergency response program managed collaboratively by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The SNS is a national repository of antibiotics, chemical antidotes, antitoxins, life-support medications, IV administration, airway maintenance supplies and medical/surgical items. In the event of a major public health emergency, the SNS is designed to provide medical supplies to counties at the request of the state governor. Examples of a public health emergency include pandemic influenza, a terrorist attack using chemicals, an industrial accident or a natural disaster. Because the SNS has special buying capabilities, they can supply large amounts of medical supplies, vaccines and medical equipment. The SNS is stored in locations across the country to ensure fast delivery to areas in need.

When will the SNS Plan be put into action?

It is up to the Pennsylvania governor to request release of SNS supplies to the county. When a public health emergency is reported to the state level, through health agencies or the Emergency Operations Center, the state will request SNS supplies. At that point, the county will implement its SNS Plan to distribute the medical supplies to residents.

What type of situation would prompt implementation of the SNS Plan?

Delaware County officials would implement the SNS Plan in recognition of a pandemic or other public health emergency within the county. A pandemic can be something naturally occurring, such as Avian flu. It can also be caused by a terrorist incident, an industrial accident, or a catastrophic flood or earthquake.

How do people get the medication?

The medicine in the SNS is free for everyone. Residents will report to their local Points of Distribution (POD) site for medication. The Delaware County Office of Emergency Management will activate the PODs, which largely consist of 16 locations within local school districts. Through various methods of communication, residents will be instructed to report to the PODs to receive medication. Hospitals will remain focused on treating the ill and injured and are NOT primary points for dispensing SNS materials. Through various communication outlets, the head of households will be notified of their POD area and will be sent to pick up the medication for their household. If a vaccine is required that is a non-pill, the head of household will be notified by communication outlets as to the proper protocol.


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