Sheriff's Office

Mission and Value Statement

The Sheriff’s Office of Delaware County dedicates itself to enhancing the quality of life in our county through the rendering of professional governmental services to the courts and the community.

The Sheriff of Delaware County is Jerry L. Sanders, Jr.   Sheriff Sanders was elected to a four year term in November of 2017.   Sheriff Sanders will serve as the Sheriff of Delaware County from 2018-2022.

In Pennsylvania, the Sheriff is a constitutional office and the state constitution requires a Sheriff in each county.  The Sheriff is the chief peace officer of the county. 

By statute and case law the modern day Sheriff's primary responsibilities are to the courts.  The Sheriff and his deputies may make arrests for on-view violations of the law and breeches of the peace.  The Sheriff and his deputies work daily providing courtroom security, prisoner transportation, service of civil and real estate process, as well as the service of court warrants. 

Under the direction of Sheriff Sanders, the office is staffed with approximately 70 dedicated deputies, administrative and clerical staff; each providing vital services to the courts and the county.