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Specialized Studies

Delaware County Planning can work with you to create a revitalization, feasibility study, or official map.

Specialized studies are an important step towards implementing a municipal comprehensive plan or community goal. They may be in the form of a feasibility study for a specific project or a vision study to guide future efforts. The Department can assist municipalities in identifying and performing the appropriate next steps in completing a project.

Questions about Specialized Studies? Contact the Planning Department at 610-891-5200 or

Revitalization or Redevelopment Plan

A Revitalization or Redevelopment Plan can help a community identify not only a vision for a neighborhood or area, but also the steps to achieving that vision. Common examples of these plans include a downtown revitalization plan or a corridor vision study. Blight Certification Studies are a common tool for municipalities in identifying and preparing areas for targeted redevelopment. For more information on creating a revitalization plan, check out this information sheet. Downtown revitalization is also explored in more detail through our Planner’s Portfolio on Downtown Revitalization Case Studies and Community Placemaking.

Feasibility Study

A Feasibility study is an in-depth look at the details of a specific project. This allows communities to more accurately anticipate project costs and any issues that may arise as it goes forward. They are commonly completed for trails, parks, reuse of historic structures and related topics.

Official Map

An Official Map is a map and ordinance that identifies both existing and proposed public lands and facilities within the community. The map is a declaration by the municipality that it may eventually need the mapped areas for uses and facilities that will advance and safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of the residents. The following facilities are common examples of what may be placed on the Official Map:
  • Streets, sidewalks, and multi-use trails
  • Parks and open space
  • Transit rights-of-way and easements
  • Floodplains and stormwater management facilities
  • Any other proposed public facility, including municipal buildings
Adoption of the map does not in itself establish a street or imply that the municipality has taken the land; that requires a municipal purchase, or mutual agreement. Often developers prefer to work in municipalities that have an adopted official map because there is less guesswork about infrastructure location. For more information on the official map, check out this information sheet.

Funding Assistance

Regional and state funding sources may be available to support creating a specialized study. For currently available funding assistance programs, see the Funding page.



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