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Natural Resource Protection

Planning for natural resource protection and management is an important role of the Delaware County Planning Department.

Delaware County contains a number of sensitive natural resources that include steep slopes, streams and their floodplains, wetlands, forests, and trees. It also has a number of critical habitat areas that are home to important, rare, and endangered species of plants and animals. The County recognizes the need to protect these natural resources for the long-term health, safety, and quality of life of County residents.

Natural Resource Protection Assistance

The Planning Department maintains inventories and maps containing information relating to the location, extent, and environmental value of many of the County’s important natural resources. Staff are available to discuss resource extent and quality and make recommendations for their preservation and management.

Natural Heritage Inventory

The Delaware County Natural Heritage Inventory (NHI) was developed for the County by the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy. Its purpose is to inform residents and local decision makers about the unique plants, animals, and habitats that are found throughout Delaware County. The NHI is a valuable tool that can be used when preparing land use and open space plans and for making local land use decisions. DCPD staff are available to provide more information regarding the NHI and its use.

The County’s Natural Heritage Inventory



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