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Corridor Planning

Delaware County Planning promotes cohesive planning principals and strategies along its existing transportation corridors.

Corridor planning helps municipalities to better align current and future land uses with transportation improvements along a given corridor. Best suited for medium to long range planning, corridor plans can help increase access and ease mobility along a corridor while ensuring safety for all road users.

Questions about Corridor Planning? Contact the Planning Department at 610-891-5200 or

Develop a Transportation Corridor Plan

Geared towards multi-municipal planning efforts, Corridor Plans seek to better utilize current and future land-use policies, particularly by outlining vehicular, pedestrian, and public transit improvements, to guide future development along key transportation corridors. Plans may consist of analyses of access management issues along a specified corridor, rights of way and land acquisitions, and cooperative agreements for corridor management between municipalities.

Create a Streetscape Plan

Streetscape plans are community-driven plans unique to each corridor in which it may be implemented. Streetscape plans can be utilized as both a beautification tool and for operational improvements along a specified corridor(s). Normally with a heavy focus on design, streetscape plans incorporate a mix of transportation improvements including but not limited to:
  • Roadway reconfiguration;
  • Street trees, planters, benches and other street furniture;
  • Pedestrian-scaled lighting improvements,
  • Enhanced crosswalk improvements including pavement treatments and pedestrian signals/actuators;
  • Corner curb extensions, bulb-outs, and ADA-accessibility improvements; and
  • Stormwater management and control improvements

Funding Assistance

Regional and state funding sources may be available to support your corridor planning needs. For currently available funding assistance programs, see the Funding page.



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