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Planner’s Portfolio: Medical Marijuana

This issue in the Planner’s Portfolio series focuses the regulation and permitting of medical marijuana grower/processor and dispensary facilities.

The Pennsylvania “Medical Marijuana Act” (PA Act 16, 2016) was passed by the Pennsylvania State Legislature in April 2016 in order to legalize the growth, processing, storage, transport, and dispensing of medical marijuana to those issued a permit for its use. This portfolio provides an overview of the guidelines put in place to regulate medical marijuana growers and dispensaries.

The state was divided into six medical marijuana regions; each of these regions received two medical marijuana growing/processing permits and multiple permits for dispensaries to distribute medical marijuana and medical marijuana products. The amount of dispensary permits allocated to each section was based on the regional population, number of patients suffering from qualifying medical conditions, and access to public transportation. The portfolio describes the application process, as well as the permitting and site requirements for growing/processing facilities and dispensaries.

There are requirements to ensure that both growing/processing facilities and dispensaries ensure than medical marijuana is received by those who are eligible. Every dispensary is required to have a physician or pharmacist in the store during all operating hours, and employees must be trained for 90 days. Both grower/processors and dispensaries must have electronic tracking, recordkeeping, and surveillance systems for all aspects of the business. Only those who are diagnosed with what the state of Pennsylvania considers a “serious medical condition” or “terminal illness” may receive a medical marijuana identification card.

For more information, check out the Medical Marijuana issue or the entire Planner’s Portfolio series.



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