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Little Flower Manor Park Master Site Plan

Public Meeting #1

The first public meeting for the Little Flower Manor Master Site Development Plan was held on February 21, 2017, at the Darby Borough Recreation Center. About 60 people attended the meeting.

The meeting began with a presentation by Karen Holm of the Delaware County Planning Department and Tim Wilson of TPW Design Studios, detailing background on the site, the scope of work, and key goals for the project and the public meeting.

Public Meeting #1 Presentation

Most of the meeting was spent on the work session that followed the presentation. It involved gathering public input concerning future use of the property and the Woodburne Mansion.

Public Meeting Minutes, Participant Responses, and Photos

The Planning Team received 178 written ideas about the interests, concerns, and ideas of the participants, as well as open questions to underscore and clarify our findings. Below is a summary of the findings that will be considered in developing a master site plan for the Little Flower Manor open space.

  1. The main ways that participants want to use the park are:
  • Trails for safe walking and bicycling to connect with the Darby Creek Trail and to the regional bicycle trail system beyond known as The Circuit.
  • Special events such as social gatherings, movies, performances, and community activities, for both public enjoyment as well as to generate revenue to offset maintenance costs.
  • Other desired uses of the site as a park were broad ranging reflective of a county park, with places to enjoy nature, facilities for sports, environmental education, picnicking, and dog-friendly facilities.
  1. Potential future uses for Woodburne Mansion suggested by the participants included:
  • Special events, especially for revenue generation
  • Environmental education and museum
  • Other uses included housing for park caretakers, summer camps, community center, hotel/youth hostel, senior center, food service, meeting space, and training center.
  1. The main concerns of the participants included:
  • Maintenance
  • Funding
  • Safety

These concerns also included the potential impact on Darby Borough as the location of the future park. A few residents preferred to see nothing done to the property at all.

  1. The single most important thing to participants resulted in the following priorities:
  • Help to revitalize Darby Borough and the region
  • Community hub for recreation and community camaraderie
  • Preservation of the Woodburne Mansion
  • Trail connections

Next Steps

The planning team will consider the information provided by the meeting participants, and will continue to engage the public in additional outreach through interviews, focus groups, and future public meetings in tandem with other research, recreation trends, and community needs. The next public meeting will beheld on February 26, 2018 at the Darby Borough Recreation Center (1022 Ridge Ave, Darby, PA 19023).

Questions about the master plan? Contact Karen Holm at 610-891-5213 or



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