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Delaware County 2035: A Comprehensive Plan for Delaware County, PA

In developing a Comprehensive Plan, Delaware County Planning Department’s first priority was to develop a policy framework, which, in accordance with the Municipalities Planning Code (MPC), “establishes objectives of the municipality concerning its future development, including, but not limited to, the location, character, and timing of future developments.”

Delaware County 2035 consists of a central, Land Use Policy Framework Plan and a number of related, interconnected, but more detailed component plans. Some of these component plans – addressing additional planning-related elements within the County – have already been developed, others are currently underway, and more will be developed in the future, but all will use the same framework and build off of the Land Use policies laid out in the Framework Plan. These plans are all informed by individual municipal comprehensive planning efforts.

Land Use Policy Framework Plan (2013): Establishes an overall vision for the future of the County through the year 2035; sets policies for development, redevelopment, conservation, and economic initiatives. The component plans will use the same thematic framework and build off of the land use policies laid out in the Framework Plan.

The Delaware County 2035 Land Use Framework Plan was adopted on November 27, 2013 after revisions based on feedback from the public comment period, the public meeting on May 16, 2013, and a public hearing on October 10, 2013. 

  • Historic Preservation Plan (Future Plan): According to the MPC, “A plan for the protection of... historic resources… [including] historic sites.”

  • Transportation Plan (Future Plan): According to the MPC, comprehensive plans should include “A plan for movement of people and goods, which may include expressways, highways, local street systems, parking facilities, pedestrian and bikeway systems, public transit routes, terminals, airfields, port facilities, railroad facilities and other similar facilities or uses.”

    • Bicycle Plan (2009): This plan identifies how the engineering of roads, provision of bicycle facilities and programs, education of road users, and enforcement of road rules can be improved to encourage bicycling in Delaware County.

  • Environmental Plan: According to the MPC, comprehensive plans should include “A plan for the protection of natural… resources… [including], wetlands and aquifer recharge zones, woodlands, steep slopes, prime agricultural land, flood plains, [and] unique natural areas….”

    • Open Space Plan (2015): This plan addresses all parks and recreation in the County including municipal, public and private land, and trails.

  • Housing Plan (Future Plan): According to the MPC, comprehensive plans should include “A plan to meet the housing needs of present residents and of those individuals and families anticipated to reside in the [county]… in different dwelling types and at appropriate densities for households of all income levels.”


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