Delaware County Courthouse and Park Police

Chief's Message


On behalf of the 58 members of the Delaware County Courthouse and Park Police Department, I would like to welcome you to our World Wide Web Site.

The men and women of the Courthouse and Park Police Department are committed to making the County's facilities and parks safe for it's employees and for the many thousands of people who do business with the County and who visit our very beautiful parks.

Our profession demands and deserves the highest possible ethical standards and behavior from our employees. Our personnel are committed to this standard.

With the implementation of this Web site, the Delaware County Courthouse and Park Police Department hopes to enhance the public's knowledge of our Department.


About The Chief

Chief Samuel Ziviello was appointed Deputy Chief of Police in 1986 after retiring from the East Lansdowne Borough Police Department where he had served for 27 years, 17 of those years as Chief of Police.

In 1992, after the retirement of Chief John Devlin, he was appointed Chief of Police of this Department.

Chief Ziviello has served as President of the Delaware County Police Chiefs' Association, the Police Chiefs' Association of Southeastern Pennsylvania and the Pennsylvania Chiefs' of Police Association.