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Name Change Information

How do I take my maiden name back? 

Use this form, IF and ONLY IF the person was divorced in Delaware County, PA.  If you were not divorced in Delaware County, please contact the court where they were divorced.  If you were divorced in Delaware County PA, please use this form: NOTICE OF ELECTION TO RESUME PRIOR NAME

How do I change my name to my married name? 

This is not a county government or county court function. But here is how you go about changing your name once you are married.

First, you take your ID and your marriage license to the Social Security Administration office which serves your area.  They will need to see (but not keep) the original marriage license. 

For more information, please visit the Social Security Administration web page on Name Changes at:

For more information on how to find a Social Security Office, please visit:

Once you have a new social security card, you will need to visit a PENDOT Office, and have your license or ID changed.  To find a PENN DOT location near you, please use this link:

After you have obtained a new Driver's License, you can inform other organizations such as your banks, credit cards, bills, investments, etc. and have them change your name.

Need a copy of you Marriage License that was issued in Delaware County? Please visit the Marriage License web page at:

If you have questions, please contact the Office of Judicial Support at 610-891-4370.