County Council Recognizes

East Lansdowne Mayor John Dukes

Delaware County Council was proud to recognize East Lansdowne Mayor John Dukes for the publication of his book in memory of his son during the County Council meeting held at the East Lansdowne Borough Hall on July 11. Mayor Duke’s son, John was diagnosed with autism at birth and sadly passed away two years ago at the age of 25. In May, Mayor Dukes published a book, “Dadders, Can I Pet the Whales?" which explains how a child with autism can affect a family, friends, classmates and the unconditional love a person with autism can both display and inspire in others. All proceeds of the book benefit the District 19 Challenger League where his son played baseball for 20 years and also towards autism research.

From left: Councilman Brian Zidek, Councilman Kevin Madden, East Lansdowne Mayor John Dukes, Vice Chair Colleen Morrone, Councilman Mike Culp and Chairman John McBlain.