County Council recognizes Widener University

for partnership to raise awareness about

opioid and heroin abuse and mental health treatment

In Delaware County work is being done on many fronts to attack the heroin and opioid crisis by leaders in law enforcement and the criminal justice system, and through partnerships with businesses, organizations and higher education institutions.

In an effort to address this epidemic, the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas and Delaware County Criminal Justice Advisory Board held the 2016 Summit on Mental Health, the Heroin Epidemic and the Criminal Justice System. With a powerful message of hope and recovery, the summit titled "Finding a Light in the Darkness" and was held at Widener University on October 21, 2016.

Registration for the summit reached full capacity and was attended by 400 attorneys, mental health experts, treatment providers, human services personnel and community leaders who are working every day to prevent the tragic impact drug addiction is having on our community. The day-long summit offered seminars on treatment and prevention presented by experts in the field and covered topics such as Narcan use and administration by first responders and mental health issues in the Criminal Justice System.

This week, Delaware County Council issued a resolution to Widener University to recognize the University's partnership with the county and the Criminal Justice Advisory Board to plan and hold this important summit. "A great deal of time and effort went into organizing this summit by our Judges, members of the Criminal Justice Advisory Board, and our District Attorney Jack Whelan and his team along with the staff at Widener," said Councilman Dave White. "From the initial planning stages to the day-of the event, the dedicated staff at Widener University provided the necessary technology and resources to ensure the summit was an overall success."

Guided by a mission of academic excellence and leadership, Widener University is one of the 14 universities located in Delaware County with its main campus siting on 108 acres in Chester, Pennsylvania. Under the leadership of President Julie Wollman, Widener is a higher education institution that takes prides in providing high caliber programs for students in addition to encouraging characteristics of leadership and civic engagement.

Additionally, Delaware County Court of Common Pleas Judge James Nilon, Jr. presented a resolution on behalf of the Board of Judges to Lindsey Ruby, Director of Widener's University Center Administration, to recognize her outstanding efforts and assistance in organizing the summit. He was joined by President Judge Chad F. Kenney and Judge Barry C. Dozor.

"Today we want to recognize Lindsey Ruby as an individual who exemplifies dedication to her community," said Common Pleas Judge James Nilon. "We commend Ms. Ruby for her outstanding efforts in facilitating all of the arrangements, technology, facility management, staffing and overall preparations to allow us to stage a successful, meaningful summit."

Ruby is a lifelong Delaware County resident, a 2000 graduate of Sun Valley High School who earned her bachelor's degree in hospitality management from Widener in 2004 and her master's in education in 2010, utilizing her education to enhance the community and extend her university's resources to promote countywide education. At the meeting, Ruby accepted the resolution and was joined by her colleagues from the university.

County Council recognizes Widener University for partnership to hold summit on opioids and mental health

Delaware County Council and the Delaware County Court of Common Pleas recognized Widener University for their partnership with the county and the Criminal Justice Advisory Board to hold a summit addressing opioids and heroin addiction held at Widener University on October 21, 2016, titled "Finding a Light in the Darkness." Lindsey Ruby, Director of University Administration was recognized by the Board of Judges for her outstanding efforts to facilitate the summit.

From left: Lindsey Ruby, Director of University Administration, Katie Herschede, Chief of Staff to the President both from Widener University, Councilman Dave White, District Attorney Jack Whelan, Court of Common Pleas Judge James Nilon, Jr. Top row: Julie Dietrich, Director of Government Relations, Council members Michael Culp, Vice Chair Colleen Morrone and John McBlain and Mary Allen, Director of Public Relations at Widener University.