Delaware County establishes

timeline for court-ordered reassessment

Delaware County Council announced that the County of Delaware has been court ordered to conduct a county-wide reassessment of property values and as required by the court's order, the County has established a timeline for the reassessment.

The review process for the property value of the 206,106 properties in Delaware County will begin this year and continue over the next four years, with new assessment valuing going into effect January 2021.

Delaware County Executive Director Marianne Grace stated that Delaware County property owners will see a much different assessment procedure than the one that was conducted in the late 1990s. "The last reassessment was the first ever conducted by the County and at that time, assessors were required to visit and inspect every single property" she said. "It is important for all property owners to realize that reassessment does not necessarily equate to a property tax increase" said Grace. "The law prevents a local municipality, a school district or a county government from gaining a windfall for taxing authorities."

Since the time of the last reassessment, the Delaware County Board of Assessment has maintained computer aided mass appraisal software and has maintained information about property changes received from local municipalities. As a result, not all properties will be required to be visited by an appraiser, resulting in a process that will be less disruptive for residents.

Since the last reassessment was conducted and went into effect in 2000, Delaware County has experienced better than average growth in real estate property values as compared to properties nationally and in the surrounding region. In 2014, USA Today published an article describing the rebound in the real estate market following the recession and real estate crisis of the mid-2000s, citing Delaware County as the second-ranked county in the country for increase in property values from 2007-2008 through 2014, with a percentage increase in real estate price of 54.9% during that time period.

As more specific plans are developed for conducting the reassessment, Delaware County Council is committed to sharing information with residents about the reassessment process, assessment values and how to resolve any issues that may arise. There will be full disclosure of the process on a website that will be developed in the next few months.