Student artists create anti-drug messages

for 2017-2018 Prevention Awareness Calendar

Fifteen students from various Delaware County schools were recognized for creating powerful anti-drug and anti-tobacco messages that will be displayed on prevention calendars.

Delaware County Councilman Dave White announced the winners in the 29th annual Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Awareness Poster Contest. Over 650 posters were received from students in 25 different schools this year.

The contest is funded by County Council through the Delaware County Office of Behavioral Health, Division of Drug and Alcohol, and coordinated by Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems. The winning posters will be featured in the 2018 Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Awareness Calendar.

"Young people today are faced with many challenges. However, very few have the potential to affect their lives in a more significant way than the decisions they make about alcohol, tobacco and drugs," Councilman White said. "Choices about alcohol and drugs influence a student's health, grades, relationship, and future hopes for college and a career."

Experts agree that education and prevention programs at an early age help young people make better choices.

"This morning we honor children who participated in one prevention program that involves hundreds of students who create awareness posters that warn of the dangers of alcohol, tobacco and drug use," Councilman White said. "Every year, we are impressed by the wonderful messages that these students create to educate their fellow students, friends and family."

Councilman White was joined in the presentation by Elizabeth Naughton-Beck, Chair of the Delaware County Drug & Alcohol Planning Council. Also attending was Anne Jennings, D&A Administrator, OBH, Laura Fidorowicz, D&A Prevention Program Specialist and Bridget Marley, Prevention Specialist I, Holcomb Behavioral Health Systems.

Students winners in their categories are:

Alyssa Bruton (1st K-2)
Angelena Graybeal (2nd K-2)
Meadow Fisher (3rd K-2)
Kayla Tidwell (4th K-2)
Sebastian Graham (1st 3-5)
Reihinna Harris (2nd 3-5)
Jaclyn Cwiertniewicz (3rd 3-5)
Ava Elliot (4th 3-5)
Alicia Chipolla (1st 6-8)
Gabby Youngers (2nd 6-8)
Caroline Wood (3rd 6-8)
Kayleigh Saboja (4th 6-8)
Allison Deaton (Best Art)
Giovanna Scuderi (Best Message)
Madelyn Kieh (Best Overall)

Students create powerful anti-drug messages

Delaware County Council and the Office of Behavioral Health recognized 15 student winners in the annual Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug Awareness Poster Contest. Councilman Dave White, center, congratulated all the winners, front from left, Angelena Graybeal, Meadow Fisher, Kayla Tidwell, Councilman White, Sebastian Graham, Reihinna Harris, Jaclyn Cwiertniewicz and Ava Elliott, second row from left, Gabby Youngers, Kayleigh Saboja, Helen McGoohan, Intercommunity Health, Chairman Mario Civera Jr., Ray McKinney, Century 21, Giovanna Scuderi and back row, Alicia Chipolla Councilman Mike Culp, Vice Chair Colleen Morrone and Elizabeth Naughton-Beck, Chairman of Drug & Alcohol Advisory Board, and Madelyn Kieh.