Fourth straight year of no tax hike in Delco

Delaware County Council holds the line for the 2018 budget

Delaware County Council announced there will be no tax increase for the fourth consecutive year as the county holds the line on spending while maintaining valuable citizen services.

"Delaware County is on the move with no tax increase for 2018, fiscal responsibility, and more efficiency in county government," said County Councilman Dave White. "In Delaware County, we've seen growth with the creation of 25,000 new jobs and 500 new business startups over the past few years. The rise in wages in Delaware County far outpaces the surrounding counties."

"Keeping taxes low for seniors and others on fixed incomes has been a major priority for Council," White continued. "Four consecutive years of no-tax-increase budgets lets taxpayers keep more of their hard-earned money while still delivering needed services."

"We're particularly proud of our nursing home, Fair Acres. Instead of turning our backs on our seniors and selling the nursing home as other counties have, we have remained committed to providing this needed service. Today, Fair Acres is a premier nursing home and a first class geriatric facility providing excellent care to our seniors."

Councilman White explained that the budget process is an ongoing task and that Council, the executive director and the budget director have been meeting for several months to closely examine all expenditures and revenue sources.

"Every elected official will tell you that formulating a budget for government services is a difficult task," said Councilman Dave White "It takes leadership, vision and a willingness to make tough choices. Although the budget is not yet finished based on the information we have we are able to hold the line on taxes and here at the county level, we'll work to adopt a budget that both addresses the needs of our residents and protects the interests of our taxpayers."

"Like every county in the Commonwealth, Delaware County faces financial challenges. But so do the hardworking families we serve, and the first choice should never be to reach farther into their pockets." White said.

Councilman White said the county is on solid financial footing and cited several key aspects of the budget including the reduction of healthcare costs, juvenile placement costs and pension fund costs.

He said County Council is diligent in the management of the County pension fund. "Pension funds across Pennsylvania are facing dire funding shortfalls. But here in Delaware County we are pleased to report that the pension fund has been funded at 100 percent for several years."

Delaware County has also maintained its excellent bond ratings with Standard and Poor's Rating Service at AA and Moody's Investors Service at Aa1.

"This is really good news for economic development, and for businesses who are looking to locate or expand in Delaware County," White said.

"County Council works with the executive director and all department heads to hold the line on staffing and operational expenses wherever possible. In addition, the county continues to be diligent in collecting fees, court costs and fines," said White. "We will continue to be mindful of our spending, tighten our belts like residents do with their personal budgets, and be good stewards of our residents' tax dollars."