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The COUNTY OF DELAWARE is inviting any Taxpayer the opportunity to research, on the County’s website, all Repository Properties located in the City of Chester. On Wednesday, April 19,2006 anyone interested in BIDDING on one or more properties must do so by coming to County Council’s Public Meeting Room located on the first floor of the Government Center Building. You must first register at the door. In order to qualify for the BIDDING process, the registration process will start in the public meeting room at 8:30 a.m. and end at 11:00 a.m. Any Bidder who owes delinquent real estate taxes within Delaware County will be rejected from the bidding process. Successful Bidders will be given a BID SHEET. You will submit your sealed bid; minimum must be $600.00 for each property. You will then give your sealed bid to a designated person within the room. Bids will be opened and announced in the PUBLIC room later that day. It is not mandatory for BIDDERS to stay until the bids are opened. All successful bidders will be notified by mail. As a reminder please review the following rules:

1. All bidders must conduct their due diligence in advance of the Chester repository sale. All sales are final.

2. Bidders may not be delinquent taxpayers in Delaware County. Any bids submitted by delinquent taxpayers will be applied to the bidder’s delinquent account(s).

3. Available properties can be found on the County’s website. A limited quantity of hard copy lists will be available in the Tax Claim Bureau..

4. A sealed bid/silent auction is one in which the bidder will submit an offer or bid on a bid card provided by the Tax Claim Bureau. One card per property to be submitted by the bidder in an envelope provided by the Tax Claim Bureau with a bank check, certified check, treasurer’s check or money order for each bid. In addition the bidder must provide a photocopy of their identification in their bid envelope. Bids that do not meet the criteria may be rejected. Since you have one opportunity to bid on each property , you should bid the amount that you believe sufficient to acquire the property.

5. All titles will be placed in the name of the bidder. If the bidder represents a Corporation, Partnership or some other entity, proof there of must be provided either in the bid packet or in advance to the Tax Claim Bureau for review.

6. All other rules and regulations of the Tax Claim Bureau for sale apply.

Instructions to access the Repository properties from the County of Delaware’s Website:Website address:

1. Click on; Departments/Resources
2. Click on the letter “R”
4. Click on; Repository properties
3. Click on; Current Repository sale list (CHESTER properties start with number # 49 ex. 49-00-00000-00)

Once you find an interest property go back to the the County’s website:

1. Click on; Public Access
2. Click on; Real Estate icon
3. Enter in the folio number using the dashes, ex. 49-00-00000-00


201 West Front Street, Media, PA 19063
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