Heart Health

February is Heart Health Month !


County Council and health partners
“Go Red” to prevent heart disease

There was a sea of red ties, scarves and dresses at the Feb. 1 Delaware County Council meeting, all being worn to raise awareness about heart disease.

County Council presented a resolution designating February as American Heart Month. The first Friday of the month is designated as “Go Red” Day when people across the country are urged to wear red to raise awareness.

The Council resolution is just one aspect of a campaign to address the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular disease.

Representatives from the American Heart and Stroke Associations addressed Council along with two stroke survivors who now help others recover from the debilitating effects of a stroke.

On Wednesday morning, members of the County Department of Intercommunity Health teamed up with staff from Crozer Keystone Health system to offer blood pressure screenings and heart health information to both employees and visitors in the Government Center lobby.

An informational display with brochures will remain on view throughout February in the lobby.
Educational information is also posted on the County website at www.co.delaware.pa.us.

“Heart disease is the leading cause of death in both men and women in the United States. In particular, more women than men die from suffering a heart attack each year,” said County Councilwoman Colleen P. Morrone.

“In women, heart disease is often a silent killer. It’s critical that we all learn to prevent heart disease, to learn the symptoms of heart attack and stroke, and to seek immediate treatment when heart disease strikes,” Mrs. Morrone said.

Council was joined Wednesday by representatives of the American Heart and Stroke Associations, Crozer Keystone Health System, stroke survivors and, in a unique cultural partnership, the Media Theatre which is staging the play “Wings,” the story of one woman’s recovery from a debilitating stroke.

During the production of “Wings,” the theatre is hosting a fundraiser on Feb. 16 for the American Heart and Stroke Associations. Delaware County Senior Medical Advisor Dr. George Avetian and Intercommunity Health Director Maureen Hennessey Herman will attend the event and provide heart health resources at a pre-show reception.

“Everyone can take steps to lower their risk for heart disease and heart attack,” said Dr. Avetian. “A healthy lifestyle of eating healthy, staying active, being smoke-free and getting regular check-ups is your best weapon to fight heart disease.”

Stroke survivor Sharon Deimer of Clifton Heights, who helped develop the Stroke Survivor Program at Delaware County Memorial Hospital, related the compelling story of the sudden onset of her major stroke and her arduous road to recovery.

Cindy Flynn, a four-time stroke survivor, also attended. She is now an ardent advocate with the American Heart Association.

Media Theatre Artistic Director Jesse Cline gave a brief synopsis of the play, “Wings,” which tells the story of a stroke victim’s recovery from her point of view, even when she’s not able to fully comprehend what those around her are saying. He presented members of Council and the County executive director with tickets to attend the Feb. 16 fundraiser.