Pennsylvania’s Clean Indoor Air Act

Delaware County Intercommunity Health Coordination would like to educate residents about the new smoke-free law in Pennsylvania, known as the Clean Indoor Air Act (CIAA).  As of September 11, 2008, Pennsylvania’s CIAA bans smoking in most public places and workplaces.    The law defines a public place as an enclosed area that serves as a workplace, commercial establishment, or an area where the public is invited or permitted, such as schools, restaurants, health care facilities and mass transit stations.  It defines a workplace as an indoor area serving as a place of employment, occupation, business, trade, craft, professional or volunteer activity, such as offices, meeting rooms, restrooms and warehouses.

For more information on the Clean Indoor Air Act or to report a violation, please visit the Pennsylvania Department of Health’s website.

OR call the PA Clean Indoor Air Helpline at 877.835.9535

For a list of establishments in Delaware County which have received an approved exception to the Clean Indoor Air Act please visit:

Additional Resources: