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Executive Summary, Public Health Study

Health Advisory Board

The Department of Intercommunity Health Coordination is responsible for implementing a health coordination program throughout Delaware County. The mission is to promote wellness, protect safety and prevent disease, thereby advancing the public health and safety of all Delaware County residents.

Intercommunity Health Coordination, under the direction of Lori Devlin, Director and George Avetian, DO, FCPP, acts as a referral and resource center regarding public health issues for the residents of Delaware County. The department handles requests received from the community at large as well as from other agencies concerning various health topics. With the assistance of local hospitals and human service organizations, we are able to direct our constituents to many beneficial health programs offered throughout Delaware County and its surrounding area.

Through active participation in a wide of range of public health and community wellness related coalitions and committees throughout Delaware County and the southeastern Pennsylvania region, Intercommunity Health Coordination is able to share, as well as gain, valuable information on a variety of topics.

The office also works closely with the members of the Local Boards of Health Association which is comprised of local health officers representing municipalities throughout the County. Of our 49 municipalities, 41 currently have health officers who handle local health issues such as restaurant inspections and home safety issuesYou may wish to contact your municipality directly regarding local health issues or concerns.

Click here for a list of municipal contacts

In addition, Intercommunity Health Coordination also operates the health services department which provides a number of health services for County employees as well as visitors to the Government Center Complex who may be in need of emergency health care.

The Department of Intercommunity Health Coordination is located on the Ground Floor of the Government Center Building and may be reached at (610) 891-5311.