Heroin Task Force


Prevent addiction; save lives

Heroin Task Force offers free educational video
on grass roots efforts to battle the heroin epidemic

Everyone has a role in fighting the heroin and prescription drug epidemic that is having a devastating impact on our communities.

To expand its outreach to the broadest audience possible, the Delaware County Heroin Task Force is making an educational video available for free to the public.

The video is a call to action and informs individuals – from families and educators to churches and civic groups – how they can prevent addiction.

The three-minute video is narrated by Delaware County District Attorney Jack Whelan, chairman of the Heroin Task Force, and Delaware County Councilman Dave White, a member of the Task Force.

Opening with the sound of an ambulance siren, on its way to an overdose rescue, Councilman White states: “There are few things as heart-wrenching as learning that someone has died from a drug overdose.”

White and Whelan go on to detail the work of the Heroin Task Force, formed in 2012 to combat drug addiction and promote prevention, treatment and recovery.

They list ways that individuals can help from scheduling educational programs in the schools to disposing of prescription drugs in the secure Medicine Drop Boxes at local police departments.

Families are urged to request non-addicting pain medications from their physician when there is a medical situation, particularly one involving young people, such as a sports injury or tooth extraction.

Contact numbers are provided for the Certified Recovery Specialist program, the Delaware County Crisis Connections Team and the county’s Office of Behavioral Health, Drug and Alcohol.          

The video is now airing on the Delaware County website at www.co.delaware.pa.us and the county’s YouTube page.

Individuals or community groups can either download the video from the site or they can request a CD from the Department of Public Relations. Just send your name and mailing address to DelcoPR@co.delaware.pa.us and a CD will be mailed to you.