Housing & Community Development

Consolidated Planning

The 1990 National Affordable Housing Act requires local governments to prepare a Consolidated Plan as a prerequisite for funding most HUD programs, including CDBG, HOME and ESG.

The Five Year Consolidated Plan is a comprehensive planning document that identifies Delaware County's community development, affordable and supportive housing needs and outlines strategies to address them. It is the result of the Consolidated Planning Process, which inventories the needs and the resources available for housing and community development activities and establishes annual goals for the County.

The Consolidated Plan serves as a useful management tool to guide the County's housing investment decisions. It is comprised of three main components: the Needs Assessment describes the County's housing and community development needs; the Strategy Plan details the long-range plan while the Annual Plan outlines short-term actions.  The year-end Consolidated Annual Performance Report summarizes accomplishments to date.

With the resources available, the County plans to address the needs identified in the Consolidated Plan through rehabilitating the existing housing stock, increasing the opportunities for first-time homebuyers. The County also hopes to preserve and expand the supply of decent, affordable housing through the acquisition, redevelopment, and new construction of housing units. Finally, the County plans to maintain and increase support facilities and services for the homeless, those threatened with homelessness, and the non-homeless special needs populations.

The non-housing community development priorities include public facilities and infrastructure improvements, recreational facilities, social services, historic preservation and planning.

Citizen participation in the County's housing and community development process is required and encouraged through scheduled and advertised public meetings. This affords County residents the unique opportunity to help shape the content and direction of the County's efforts in these areas. 

OHCD provides services without regard to race, religion, color, sex, physical condition, or age. Equal Housing Opportunities.