Continuing Education, Certification & QA

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Continuing Education & QA Coordinator:
Tim Mengel

Location: Government Center Building Rooms G5 & G6
201 W. Front Street
Media, PA 19063




How do I earn Continuing Education Credits?

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2017 EMS Week Continuing Education & EMS Expo


How many continuing education credits do I need to earn?

How to I check to see how much Continuing Education Credits I have?

How Many Continuing Education Credits do I need?

What is Patient Care/ Core Curriculum?

  • ‘Patient Care’ simply means that the class offered instruction on physically caring for a patient. This subject title was formally called ‘Medical/Trauma’.
  • ‘Core Curriculum’ includes classes specifically required by the PA Department of Health, Bureau of EMS. Currently these classes include:
  • High Functioning CPR
  • 2015 BLS Protocol Update
  • 2015 ALS Protocol Update


  • Log onto your PA EMS Profile
  • Click on Profile and ensure that all personal information is accurate.
  • Click on Continuing Education and ensure that you have all required Continuing Education Credits AND all Required Core Curriculum Classes.
  • Ensure that you have submitted a current CPR card to the EMS office by E-mail or Fax. (E-mail preferred to either Danielle or Tim)

Continuing Education Sponsor Resources

2016 Delaware County Continuing Education Sponsor Update

Effective 1/1/16, we are no longer asking coned sponsors to scan/email/fax copies of signed rosters to our office. 
The new process is as follows:

  • 30 days notice is still required for registering classes
  • We will make every effort to approve them at least 2 weeks prior to the class
    • If there is a problem with the registration, you will hear from me directly
  • Once the class ends, be sure to enter everyone on the roster who was present for the entire class into ConEdLink
    • Don’t forget instructor hours and email addresses
    • Don’t forget you are required to provide a certificate of completion which can be auto-generated in ConEdLink
  • We will process the coned and contact you if we have a question
  • **NEW** we will be conducting random audits of sponsors to check the process and paperwork as spelled out in the rules/regulations
    • Keep in mind you must have each student print their name in at the beginning and sign their name out at the end
    • We will also continue to audit classes for time, content and accuracy of registration

We hope this can help streamline getting rosters processed and makes everyone’s very busy jobs a little easier.
Two last notes:

  • If you conduct a class near the end of the quarter (3/31, 6/30, 9/30 or 12/31) it is very important to enter ConEdLink upon completion – there are often providers waiting for those last minute credits!