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Where is the Domestic Relations Section of Delaware County located?
Curran Building (located behind main court house)
Second and Orange Streets
 Media PA 19063

For directions to the court house complex located at 201 W. Front Street Media PA.


How do I contact the Domestic Relations Office?


In our ongoing effort to serve you better, we are now available to client service via email.


Monday through Friday from 7:30 to 5:00 P.M., call our client information center at (610)-891-4314 or fax us at (610)-891-1959

P.O. Box 543
Media PA 19063

How do I change my address?
Submit your new address in writing and include a copy of a photo I.D. to:

Domestic Relations
P.O. Box 543
Media PA 19063
Go online to

How do I close my case?
Plaintiff: You may close your case by appearing in Domestic Relations with a valid picture I.D. and signing a form.
*If you are a plaintiff receiving T.A.N.F. (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) from the Department of Human Services you cannot close a case until you speak to your County Assistance Office first*

Defendant: If the plaintiff is in agreement, the plaintiff must appear in the Domestic Relations Office with valid picture identification to sign a form. If the plaintiff does not agree and the child is emancipated or no longer residing with the plaintiff, you may file a petition to vacate through your attorney or appear in Domestic Relations for our assistance. There is a $10.00 filing fee.

You may also file through PA E-Services.

My child is 18 years of age and is graduating High School this year, what should I do?
Please fill out Emancipation inquiry form here and send it to our office at P.O. Box 543 media PA 19063.

If a case is closed, can it be reopened?
Yes. Call for an appointment or appear in Domestic Relations to file a new complaint.

You may also file through PA E-Services.

Where can I obtain copies of my file?
You may request copies of court orders, payment history and docket history by completing a document request form and mailing it to Domestic Relations P.O. Box 543, Media PA 19063. You can download this form here. There is a fee for copies of court orders of $1.00 per page and an additional $5.00 if you want the copies certified. If your request requires payment of a fee, the Domestic Relations Office will contact you once your request is received.

If you give your child up for adoption, do you have to pay support?
No, the case will be closed upon presenting the Court Order to Domestic Relations. All arrears up to the date of adoption will be collected, unless the parties agree otherwise.

What do I need when I file for support?
To file an initial complaint for support, you would need as much of the following information or items as possible: address of non-custodial parent, date of birth and social security numbers for all parties, employment information for both Custodial and Non-Custodial parents, and all medical information.

Click here for:

Application for Child or Spousal Support Services

Complaint for Support

You may complete the two forms above and bring them in with you to speed up your Intake Conference.

Case Establishment

Do I need an appointment to file a complaint for support?
To speed up your visit, please call the Client Information Center at (610)-891-4314 to make an appointment, or you may visit us online at: PA Human Services

If you are under age 18, can you file for support?
Yes, however, you need a parent or guardian present at the time of filing and at subsequent scheduled conferences and hearings.

If you are under 18, do you have to pay support?
Yes. You may have a support order entered against you. A parent or guardian should accompany the minor during Domestic Relations proceedings.

What is the cost of paternity testing?
Paternity testing (genetic, buccal swab) costs $56.85 per family.

How long does it take to receive paternity test results?
It takes about 48 hours for Domestic Relations to receive the results. When the results are received, a Domestic Relations Officer will schedule a Conference and send you a copy of the results or, if represented, a copy to your attorney.

If an Acknowledgement of Paternity is signed and you later find out that you are not the father, are you still responsible for support?
Yes, once paternity and a support order are established, you are required to pay support. It is your responsibility to seek advice from an attorney if you are challenging support.

How is an order established?
Once a complaint is filed which includes the address for the defendant to receive service, a Conference is scheduled within thirty days. The Conference is conducted by a Domestic Relations Officer who reviews the parties’ income to complete the statewide guideline calculation.
To view the Statewide Guidelines go to

If married, is my spouse’s income considered in establishing an order?
If you are married, you may be asked for your spouse’s income for purposes of determining your tax bracket and for total household expenses. It is not factored into the support guideline, but may be considered as a deviation from this guideline.

How do I have my support modified?
If you are a plaintiff who is being represented by the Office of Support Representation, or would like to contact them for representation, please call (610)-891-4233. If you have an attorney and you would like your attorney to file a petition on your behalf, please contact him/her. If you are self-represented, you must file a Petition for Modification, provide a copy of your current support order and pay a $10 filing fee. If you don't have a copy of your order, the Domestic Relations Office can provide you one at a cost of $1 per page. You have the option of appearing in person at the Domestic Relations Section during normal business hours (7:30a.m.-5:00p.m.) or file through the PA Child Support Website at

If appearing at the Domestic Relations Office, it is advised that you call 610-891-4314 to make an appointment to reduce your wait time. The filing fee and copy of order fee may be paid by cash, money order or certified check only. Sorry, no personal checks will be accepted.

If you file through the child support website the fee may be paid via credit card at You must contact the Domestic Relations Office before making the fee payment so they may advise you of the total cost of the filing.

I am now divorced, how do I cancel spousal support?
You may appear in, write to, or fax the Domestic Relations Office a copy of your Divorce Decree, and your obligation for spousal support will be removed from the order.

Case Enforcement

How do I have my order/arrears enforced?
Please call Domestic Relations Client Information Center at 610-891-4314 (press 2) to speak to a representative to request that your case be listed for a Contempt Conference. You are not required to appear at this conference.

How do I get payment on medical bills?
The Custodial Parent is responsible for the first $250.00 unreimbursed medical expenses per year. Once this is satisfied, the Custodial Parent should send copies of medical bills to the Non-Custodial Parent by certified mail within thirty days of receipt. The Non-Custodial Parent must make payment within thirty days. If the Non-Custodial Parent fails to pay medical bills, the Custodial Parent may contact Domestic Relations to request that a Contempt Conference be scheduled.

If the warrant is issued by a Pennsylvania court, can the defendant be arrested in another state?
Bench warrants ordered by a Judge of the Delaware County Court of Common Please are enforceable only within the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

If you have any information regarding a Defendant, please call our Hotline at 1-877-RWANTED (792-6833)

How do I file an appeal?
An appeal must be filed at the Court Unit of the Domestic Relations Section within twenty (20) days, including weekends, of your Court Hearing. You may have your attorney prepare and file the appeal or you may come to the Domestic Relations Section for our assistance. There is a $10.00 filing fee that must be paid at the time of the filing. Once the fee is paid and the appeal has been filed, the Court Unit will schedule the matter.

I have a court date and I can’t make it
You are required to appear for all Conferences and Court Hearings unless you file a continuance and it is approved. Failure to appear may result in the issuance of a bench warrant or in your petition being dismissed.

How do I file a continuance?
You may pick up a continuance form at Domestic Relations.

I did not appear for court and want to know what happened?
Domestic Relations will mail you a copy of the Court Order. You may also call the Client Information Center at (610)-891-4314


Where can I find the total amount of my arrears (how much is owed on support)?
You can call the Domestic Relations at (610)-891-4314 and access this information 24hours per day through the Interactive Voice Response system (press 1) or speak to a Client Information Representative during regular work hours (press 2)

Or you may go to the PACSES Portal at

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