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All support obligations are carefully monitored by the Domestic Relations department to ensure that full and timely support payments are made. Many enforcement remedies may happen for failure to comply with your support obligation. Please be sure to carefully read your court order for all of the remedies.

Here are some things to consider regarding the enforcement of your order:

  • Communication with the Domestic Relations Office is important to maintain an open relationship. Please notify Domestic Relations within seven days of any changes that may affect your support order. This includes, but is not limited to: change of address, change of employment/income, change in health benefits, change in child care, change in custody, emancipation of child, etc...

  • If payments are unable to be made, please contact the Domestic Relations Office to speak to your caseworker. If non-payment is due to medical reasons, please provide documentation from a physician. Failure to notify the Domestic Relations may result in enforcement proceedings. You may also be required to report to the Domestic Relations section on a weekly basis to keep the Domestic Relations Office advised of your progress in obtaining employment.

  • The Domestic Relations Office will issue a wage garnishment to collect support from your employer. Wage garnishments may take some time to be processed. Therefore, it is your responsibility to make support payments until they are garnished from your check. If you provide the Domestic Relations Office with contact information for your employer, the Domestic Relations Office may fax the wage garnishment over to them to expedite the process.

  • If for some reason payments are being deducted from your wages but are not being posted to your account, please provide the Domestic Relations Office with a copy of your pay stubs showing the garnishment so they may resolve the issue with your employer.

  • Notify the Domestic Relations Office any time benefits are being applied for, including: unemployment compensation, workman's compensation, social security, welfare benefits, personal injury or workman's compensation lawsuits, or any other form of benefits.

  • Please report to the Domestic Relations Office within 48 hours of being released from prison, halfway house, rehabilitation center, or any other institution.

  • Please note that the Domestic Relations department only deals with support matters and not custody.

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The Delaware County Domestic Relations Section attempts to secure a good working relationship with its clients regarding support matters. Child support is valuable in securing a brighter future for your child(ren). We appreciate your cooperation with our office. Feel free to review and manage your case activity by accessing the child support portal at the Pennsylvania CSWS E-Services Portal

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