Voting Machines

Chief Custodian:
James T. Kerns
403 East 24th Street
Chester, PA 19013

Voting Systems Video Demostration

The Voting Machine Department is responsible for the security, maintenance, repair, programming and testing of 841 voting machines as they are delivered to 426 polling locations throughout Delaware County for Election Day. All potential changes in polling place locations are inspected to ensure polling place guidelines and ADA compatibility standards are met.

An Instruction Class is held for all newly elected/court appointed election board members on the Saturday prior to each election.  The Chief Custodian presents a demonstration of proper procedures to be followed for the opening, operation and closing of the voting machines on Election Day. 

The official Tabulation process is conducted at the Voting Machine Warehouse overseen by the Chief Custodian of the Voting Machine Department and the Chief Clerk of the Bureau of Elections.  Should a petition be filed for the re-canvass of a voting district, confirmation of the petition requested is scheduled at the Voting Machine Warehouse under the supervision of Francis J. Catania, Esquire, Solicitor for the County of Delaware.

The Voting Machine Department, under the direction of James T. Kerns, Chief Custodian, is located at 403 East 24th Street, Chester, Pennsylvania and may be contacted via telephone at (610) 874-8780 or fax (610) 872-1639.