Eleanor A. Smith
Government Center, Ground Floor
201 W. Front Street
Media,  PA 19063

The Telecommunications Department under the direction of Eleanor A. Smith, is responsible for meeting the communication needs of all County and Court Departments throughout the entire county organization. The Department has the following responsibilities:

Voice Processing System- Implement voice mail and conduct training classes for individuals and or departments in use of the system. Responsible for the evaluation of departments needs hence the creation of menus implemented to aid in the expeditious processing of calls for the dispensing of information and or transferring of calls.

Trouble shoot and or repair telephone systems, telephones, faxes, wiring and voice mail.

Responsible for all voice and data wiring for the location of new or the relocation of existing individual sites or entire departments.

Evaluate the needs of any given department and make recommendations as to the type of Fax or Telephone Equipment to be purchased, issue the appropriate orders and follow through implementation.

Act as sole contact between the Telephone Companies and the County.

Produce an Inter-departmental directory.

The County Operator is responsible for receiving and redirecting calls to the appropriate County Agency.

The Telecommunications Department is located on the Ground Floor of the Government Center Building and may be contacted at 891-5318.