Delaware County Emergency Services

Timothy Boyce
360 N. Middletown Road
Lima, PA 19063

The Emergency Services Department under the direction of Timothy Boyce, has the responsibility for two major County services, namely Emergency Communications and Emergency Management.

Emergency Communications:

Responsible for the County's Enhanced 911 system which annually handles more than a million requests for police, fire and emergency ambulance services.
Has the responsibility of dispatching the majority of police, fire and ambulance service within the County.
The required equipment and training program for all telecommunicators has resulted in Delaware County being named as one of the finest 911 systems in the nation.

Delco Alert

County Council offers "Delco Alert," a community warning system that notifies residents of a major crisis or emergency. Use the "Delco Alert" link for information and to register for the ReadyNotifyPA system.

Emergency Management:

Responsible for the planning and coordination of County resources in response to emergencies when they occur.
Assists local municipalities in emergency planning preparedness.
Provides quarterly training of emergency coordinators at the municipal level.
Serves as a focal point for the collection of information pertaining to hazardous materials, including material safety data sheets submitted by facilities which manufacture, store or transport hazardous substances as outlined under the requirements of the U.S. Superfund Amendments & Reauthorization Act of 1986 (SARA) and Pennsylvania Act 165-1990.
Emergency Management receives and responds to request for plans, data sheets, forms and follow up notices submitted under Title III of SARA.
Responsible for the dispatch and supervision of the Hazardous Material Response Team and provides guidance, advice and information at the scene of chemical emergencies
Provides coordination and support when an emergency impacts two or more municipalities.

The Emergency Services Building is located at 360 North Middletown Road in Middletown Township. The administrative phone number is (610) 565-8700. If you have an emergency dial 911.

Emergency Preparedness Guide

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