Law Day

Delaware County Courthouse

The Delaware County Court and Bar Association annually celebrate Law Day on May 1. On this day, our Court emphasizes the precious heritage we have in our free society, where rule of law serves and governs the citizens, making possible such a free society. The Bar Association and the Court of Common Pleas recognized the achievements of lawyers and non-lawyers at the Law Day Ceremonies at the Delaware County Courthouse.

2012 Award Recipients

The theme of the 2012 Law Day celebration was "No Courts-No Justice-No Freedom".

The Themis Award was presented to the Chester School District Youth Court.

The Young Lawyers' Section presented its Liberty Bell Award to Rose Pucillo for her work in the District Attorney's Office on behalf of victims of crime.

The prestigious Elizabeth C. Price Award was given to the Honorable Joseph P. Cronin, Jr., for his service as President Judge. Judge Cronin successfully guided the Court system through significant changes and worked to insure the judiciary effectively served the residents of Delaware County.

2013 Award Recipients

"Realizing the Dream-United We Stand" was the theme for Law Day 2013.

The Themis Award went to Linda Barbera from the Office of Adult Probation and Parole for her tireless work as the Coordinator of Treatment Court.

The Liberty Bell Award was presented to Candice Linehan of Delaware County Women Against Rape for her work on behalf of victims of sexual assault.

Gene A. Foehl, Esquire, was the recipient of the Elizabeth C. Price Award for his service as Chair of the Bar Association's Community Outreach Committee and for his leadership of the Unity Center, which serves the residents of Chester.

2014 Award Recipients

For the 2014 Law Day event, the theme was "American Democracy and the Rule of Law- Why Every Vote Matters".

The recipient of the Themis Award was Robert T. Lythgoe, Jr., a detective with the Delaware County Criminal Investigation Division of the District Attorney's Office.

Chris Callanan of the Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House received the Young Lawyers' Liberty Bell Award. Each year, the Young Lawyers hold a 5K Run to benefit the Ronald McDonald House.

The Elizabeth C. Price Award was given to Colleen M. Neary, Esquire, for her tireless service to the Bar Association.

2015 Award Recipients

In 2015, the theme of the Law Day celebration was "Magna Carta: Symbol of Freedom Under the Law" in honor of the 800th anniversary of the issuance of the Magna Carta.

The Themis Award was presented to the County Office of Services for the Aging (COSA) for its service to senior residents of Delaware County.

The Liberty Bell Award went to Timothy Masterson, Founder of the James A. Masterson Foundation, which helps people in crisis.

Lewis B. Beatty, Jr., Esquire, a distinguished member of the Bar Association, was presented with the Elizabeth C. Price Award for his many years of dedicated service to the Bar and the Delaware County Legal Community.

2016 Award Recipients

The theme for the 2016 Law Day Celebration was "Miranda: More Than Just Words".

Ed Buffman, founder and board member of the Pennsylvania Veterans Museum, was honored with the Themis Award.

The Young Lawyers presented the Liberty Bell Award to Karen Newell, long-time Executive Assistant at the Delaware County Bar Association. Karen had tremendous dedication to the Bar Association and its mission.

The Elizabeth C. Price Award was given to William L. Baldwin, Executive Director of the Bar Association, for his commitment to the mission of the Association.