Delaware County Juvenile Court & Probation Services

Danielle DiMatteo, Director
Phone: 610-891-4729 | Fax: 610-891-4965 | Email:

Jeremy Damia, Deputy Director
Phone: 610-891-4751 | Fax: 610-891-4965 | Email:

Kathryn Masishin, Administrative Assistant
Phone: 610-891-4756 | Fax: 610-891-4965 | Email:

Thomas Omlor, Administrative Supervisor
Phone: 610-891-4804 | Fax: 610-566-2425

Jill Angelos, Administrative Supervisor
Phone: 610-891-4728 | Fax: 610-566-2425

Edward J. Miller, Administrative Supervisor
Phone: 610-891-4741 | Fax: 610-566-2425

Vacant, Operations Manager - Court Support Services
Juvenile Prothonotary Services

Phone: 610-891-4474 | Fax: 610-566-2425 | Email:

Mission Statement of Delaware County Juvenile Court

To address juvenile crime, promote victim restoration, and strive for the positive development of the youth, families, and communities served and protected by the Court. We are committed to achieve balanced and restorative justice by employing evidence-based practices with fidelity, collecting and analyzing data, measuring the results and outcomes and always striving to continuously improve the quality of our decisions, services and programs.

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