Community Corrections Program

(Intermediate Punishment Plan)

Community Corrections

The Department of Community Corrections, under the direction of Walter R. Omlor Jr., is an integral component of the Intermediate Punishment Plan that ensures the Judicial System of Delaware County's court-ordered community service requirements are processed and the hours of service are completed in a supervised work crew environment.

Judges in Delaware County have ordered many non-violent offenders to perform hours of community service as part of the Intermediate Punishment Plan, which was initiated in 1991. The continued support for this program has generated over three million hours of community service and has helped relieve overcrowding at the county's George W. Hill Prison.

The Department of Community Corrections concentrates its efforts to improve the quality of life in Delaware County through the use of its adjudicated work force. Participants in the program performed over 238,000 hours of community service in 2013.

The Emergency Services Training Center, located in Sharon Hill, is a prime example of improving the quality of life in Delaware County through the use of community service. The Emergency Services Training Center, which is utilized to train emergency responders such as police and fire fighters, has been the recipient of over 250,000 hours of community service since 1991. These hours of service have been put to great use in building and maintaining a state-of-the-art training center, which enables the residents of Delaware County to have emergency responders who are provided with high quality educational and training programs. The Delaware Valley Building Trades unions have also been instrumental in the continuous development and growth of this facility.

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Delaware County Community Corrections
Courthouse/Government Center
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