Law Day at The 1724 Colonial Courthouse

Colonial Courthouse

The Old Chester Courthouse was built in 1724 to serve as the judicial center for what was then "Chester County". In 1789, the southeastern portion (including Chester City) was separated from Chester County and established as Delaware County. This historic Courthouse is one of the oldest public buildings in continuous use in the United States, and it has served as a reminder of Delaware County's important contributions to American legal history.

Each year in May, the 1724 Courthouse comes alive during the celebration of Law Day. A special ceremony is held at the Court, and students from the Chester-Upland School District present a mock trial before Judges of the Court of Common Pleas and the Magisterial District Courts. The Law Day event is open to all members of the public, and gives the residents of Delaware County the opportunity to commemorate the significance of the Courthouse and its importance to American jurisprudence.