Legal Audio Visual

The Audio Visual Department provides services to attorneys through recording and play back of DVDs in civil, criminal and miscellaneous cases. The recordings include: doctors, experts, the sick or dying, persons leaving the area, accident or crime scenes and "A Day in the Life Of". The department also rents audio visual equipment for use at trial, such as an evidence presenter, video projector, laptop or wireless speakers.

The department has other responsibilities in the court by supplying court-related departments and others with audio-visual aids including: large screen video projection; slide and overhead projectors; an x-ray viewbox; a replica of a human skeleton; an electronic evidence presenter; and a courtroom headphone set-up for audio cassettes or CDs.

The department is also responsible for photographing court-related ceremonies for Inductions, Naturalization ceremonies and swearing-in ceremonies.

The department records and duplicates educational seminars for the Pennsylvania State Court Administrator's Office to assist in continuing education for Judges and administrators throughout the state.

The Audio Visual Department has several other duties, including: Videoconferencing, Video Teleconferencing and Court Community Relations.

The duties of Court-Community Relations involve keeping the public and press informed about the operations and activities of the court. The department also creates in-house brochures and programs for court ceremonies and assists with court website updates.

Video Recording and Equipment fees