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Gerald C. Montella, Esq.



1st Floor

201 West Front Street

Media, PA  19063





Gerald Montella


The overall responsibility of the Delaware County District Court Administrator’s Office is to ensure the timely and efficient processing of criminal and civil actions including family-related issues for the Court of Common Pleas of Delaware County.  

The Court Administrator’s Office is primarily responsible for the administration of the Criminal, Civil, Municipal Law and Family Law sections of the Court. The office also is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the one day/one trial jury system and Arbitration Program.

The Court Administrator’s Office randomly assigns Family, Civil and Criminal cases to the Trial Judges using a computer program. The office also schedules many types of hearings and conferences for the Family and Municipal Law sections as well as for Custody Conciliators and Equitable Distribution Masters.

The Court Administrator’s Office continues to process thousands of motions, petitions, stipulations, and applications, which are filed each year. The office further assists the Court by providing key information to the general public on a daily basis. The Court Administrator’s Office also is responsible for providing statistics to State and local agencies upon request.  For more information and answers PA State Courts Research and Statistics will access the Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System website which contains statistical information.

The Court Administrator’s Office continues to provide quality service to litigants, attorneys and the Court with Gerald C. Montella, Esquire as the District Court Administrator of Pennsylvania's 32nd Judicial District.

Mr. Montella is a lifelong resident of Delaware County who attended Garnet Valley High School.  Jerry graduated from Villanova University and received his law degree and Masters in Business Administration from Widener University School of Law in 1984.  Mr. Montella is the past President of the Delaware County Bar Association and past recipient of the Donald J. Orlowsky Memorial Award, Lawyer’s Club and Christopher Columbus Memorial Association Annual Awards, Supreme Court Special Commendation, Pro Bono, 2006 Pennsylvania Bar Association “Everyday Leader” Award, 2007 E. Wallace Chadwick Award and the 2010 Delaware County Bar Association President's special Recognition Award.

Eileen Paden serves as Deputy District Court Administrator and exhibits a high degree of dedication, initiative and operational knowledge of the Court Administrator's Office.  Ms. Paden is assisted by Ruthann Squillace, Criminal Court Administrator; Nicole M. Brungard, Esquire, Civil Court Administrator; Michael P. Freeman, Esquire, Arbitration Administrator; Nancy L. Alkins, Jury Administrator; Denise Hansen, Family Law Administrator; and Jennifer Morgan, Deputy Administrator, and Mary Donnelly, Project Specialist, also assist the office.  Doris M. Vantine, Administrative Assistant, and Mary Ann Pisani, Legal Secretary, provide invaluable support.

Please be advised that employees of the Office of the Court Administrator are NOT permitted to give legal advice.  For information regarding the Delaware County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service, please call


Arbitration Program

Arbitration Administrator - Michael P. Freeman, Esquire

The Arbitration Assembly Room is located on the first floor of the Government Center Building.

Responsibilities of the Arbitration Program include; scheduling Arbitrators, conducting hearings, processing continuances, and processing motions.

Continuances                          610-891.4553
Scheduling of Arbitrators       610-891.4560
Motions/Petitions                    610-891.8757


Civil Law

Civil Court Administrator - Nicole M. Brungard, Esquire

Responsibilities include; case assignments, processing motions and statistical reporting.

Civil Assignments 610-891.4555
Civil Motions 610-891.8744


Criminal Law

Criminal Court Administrator - Ruthann Squillace

Responsibilities include; case assignments, petitions, bench warrant recisions, bail petitions, arraignments, detainers, ARD removals, gagnons and sentencing forms.

The Administrative Office of Pennsylvania Courts (AOPC) has implemented a Statewide Common Pleas Criminal Case Management System (CPCMS).  Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System web application portal provides online access to the CPCMS for public view of docket sheets and other related information.  The site also contains links to other online Court related information Unified Judicial System Portal.

Criminal Arraignments     610-891.4568 or 610-891.4493
Criminal Motions              610-891.5007


Family Law

Family Law Administrator - Denise Hansen 

Responsibilities include; first and secondary Protection From Abuse filings, alimony, divorce complaint stipulations and decrees, custody, special relief, equitable distribution and processing continuances.

Custody                          610-891.4552
Divorce                           610-891.4550
Equitable Distribution   610-891.4564
Protection From Abuse 610-891.4554 For more information regarding PFA's.
Special Relief                  610-891.4989

For information regarding support matters, please visit Delaware County Domestic Relations Section.


Jury Board

Jury Administrator - Nancy L. Alkins

The Juror Lounge is located on the first floor of the Government Center Building in Room 118.

Responsibilities include; Processing Juror Selection, Processing Jurors Date of Service, Juror Payroll, and Juror Donation Program.

The Delaware County Juror Donation Program allows Jurors the ability to donate their fees to five (5) specific charities: the “Hero Scholarship Fund”, “Domestic Abuse Project” of Delaware County, "CASA Youth Advocates", “Children & Youth Services” of Delaware County, and “Operation Warm” on a strictly volunteer basis.  The program is highly successful and is the only one of its kind in Pennsylvania.  The program’s mission is to provide assistance to Delaware County’s most precious resource, its children.

For official word of Court closings or special announcements, call 610-891.4067

Questions regarding Jury Information call 610-891.4621


Municipal/Motion Hearing


Responsibilities include; Post Judgment and Miscellaneous Motions, Summary Appeals, (Nunc Pro Tunc), Emergency Motions, Zoning Appeals and License Suspensions.

General Information   610-891.5346

Summary Appeals     610-891.8651

License Suspension Appeals   610-891.4563


Forms/Local Rules

To view and/or obtain a copy of the Delaware County Local Rules, please access the Delaware County Bar Association website.

The Certificate of Readiness is used in Zoning Appeals and Assessment of Damages Cases.  Please refer to Local Rules.


This certification must accompany all Motions/Petitions relating to Discovery.


This coversheet must accompany all Civil Motions/Petitions (both non-family and family) and all responses thereto.

This coversheet must accompany all Preliminary Objections.

This coversheet must accompany all Writs of Summons or Complaints.






























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